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Re: Karma & Rules

Sep 12, 1997 05:04 AM
by Douwe Boschma

> Sometimes, in all honesty, I wish I didn't believe that about animals -
> it makes reports of abandonment, abuse, separations, scientific
> experimentation, etc. . . all the more heart-wrenching.
> Kym

If you realize that animals only differ from humans because of their
lack of a mental body, but that they do share all the other bodies
with the humans, then it becomes clear that they have the same
emotions as men, and that our only diference is intellect.
Animals show affectons, dislike, fear, friedship, anger, etc, all
the emotions that people find so human.
Apart form anything... most animals are very sensitive to atmosphere
and things that will happen.

When you would state that animals don't feel, then it would be as much
unreazonable to say that someone with a down-syndrome would have less
feelings then a genious.
(BTW even fish feel stress).

I remember in the vilage where I grew up, that cows used to try to
escape when they ahd to go to the butcher.
And I have seen cows in tremendous fear when they where brought to
the butcher.

Apart from anything... they are our younger brothers, not meant to
be experimented on, or to be eaten to my idea.
And it is sad (unhuman) to see unjustice done to them.

My best regards,


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