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Re: Criminals & Victims

Sep 11, 1997 06:07 PM
by Vincent Beall

Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> Jerry Schueler wrote:
> >
> > Bart, as you very well know, we give ourselves our own karma.
> > So, that which is "coming to them" is only what they ask for. Also,
> > you can only give karma to another if they willingly accept it.
> > No exceptions. Judas accepted the karmic role given to him.
>         So, you are saying that the Nazi's were only fulfilling their karmic
> duty during the Holocaust?
>         Bart Lidofsky

Would anyone like to comment on B.F. Skinners deterministic model? For
Skinner everything was physical and human beings were totaly controlled
by their environment. People have no souls, so they themselves cannot be
considered as part of their own environment. How does contemplation of
self fit in Skinners model? Why is it that only computers can have
virtue in our day? 

We need someone to point out that the most important, the most real, the
most formative is the virtual. The ancients pointed to a substance of
the virtual; "spirit", and Jesus went so far as to say that one must be
born of this substance, to "come and go as the wind". For me 'virtual
reality' is paramount, there is nothing beyond it; so deterministic
models don't work; especially dualistic interpretations of Karma which
simply propose moral reincarnation. The spark of wonderful insight that
Karma embodies is the concept of process; something that ancient western
philosophers ignored, being only concerned with truth and virtue. Truth,
virtue, action; faith, hope, and charity; they are telling the same

Has anyone ever considered what the substance of our sensations is? For
me it is spirit experienced by the soul. Look at something that is blue,
blue is the name for the seeing experience; what is the substance of
blue? If you think it through you will find that there is nothing
physical to point to that is your experience of blue. There are no
physical sensations even though sensations can be physically induced.

All is spirit! Although, not immediately obvious, translocation is the


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