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Re: SD On Line

Sep 11, 1997 11:01 AM
by ramadoss

At 08:55 AM 9/11/97 -0400, wrote:
>Finally the magnum opus of HPB is On-line (1st instalment). I am sure HPB
>(whereever she is now) (and the Real Authors) will be delighted to see it
>available for "Free" on the Internet. 
>At a time when every publisher is trying pryout every penny out of the
>readers, TUP should be congratulated on their leadership in this endeavor.
>Here is the full msg I picked up from theos-world.
>PS: All other publishers of Theosophical Publications may want to follow the
>lead of TUP.

Several months ago, when I contacted another source (which I dont want to
identify) which I believe had access to the ML on an electronic medium was
silent to my suggestion about making it available in some form on the
Internet. This was before TUP put it on the web. The source I was in contact
was *not* TUP. 

I think the lack of responsiveness may have been conflict between the issue
of sales of hard copy and free access on line. Now it is a moot point since
TUP has put ML on-line some time ago.

The above simply indicative of the way some view publication on the
Internet. But the way things are going, it is a juggernaut which is unstoppable.

All of us should be thankful for the labors of many who have helped to bring
the Theosophical Classics on-line. 


>From: "MYTHOS" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Theos-World SD Electronic Version now online (1st Book)
>Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 04:40:31 -0700
>New on TUP Online
>"The Secret Doctrine" by H. P. Blavatsky (1st installment)
>"Studies in Occult Philosophy" by G. de Purucker
>Theosophical University Press Online (
>has uploaded the first installment of its electronic edition of "The Secret
>Doctrine" -- Volume 1, Book 1 (vol. 1 to page 300).  The other 5 books
>which comprise the 2 volumes will be added as they are ready.  This
>full-text version is verbatim with the facsimile edition of 1888, except
>for minor changes, such as those noted below, and the correction of obvious
>typographical errors such as dropped letters.  In html, it retains
>page-breaks so that researchers can find material referred to by page in
>other sources.  Differences from the print version include: removing all
>diacritical marks (for ease in searching); using multiple asterisks instead
>of daggers, etc., to mark footnotes; and transliterating Greek characters
>into Latin italics (Hebrew characters appear as pictures inserted in the
>text).  Please send any comments or suggestions about formatting, errors,
>or other technical matters to
>Also recently added to the TUP Online site is G. de Purucker's "Studies in
>Occult Philosophy," 760 print-pages of short articles, answers to
>questions, and remarks at study-groups on "The Secret Doctrine" and "The
>Mahatma Letters."  Published posthumously, it covers a very wide range of
>topics, from technical theosophical teachings to human problems.  It is
>particularly useful in conjunction with the on-site search engine. -- Sarah
>Belle Dougherty 
>Scott J.Osterhage
>-- THEOSOPHY WORLD -- Theosophical Talk --

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