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Re: Hey, Chuck - Titus

Sep 11, 1997 02:19 PM
by techndex

At 03:26 PM 9/10/97 -0400, Kym wrote:
<friendly snip>
>Most of us know we'll never be a "Mother Theresa," but Diana showed us that
>we can still be compassionate, loving, able to laugh, to retain composure -
>despite our faults.  
<another friendly snip>
>SIDE NOTE: I find it interesting, though - many people automatically think
>that since someone is so loved by "the masses," his/her message or works are
>somehow lacking.  If one is so loved by so many, they've got to be on the
>wrong path. . .isn't the "path" supposed to be full of suffering and
>self-denial. . .one isn't supposed to have a good time. . .one can't
>possibly be a "Way-shower" if it seems they haven't, at least, missed a
>meal. . .

I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!! Why is this grim view of the Path so
prevalent? I think it leads to distortions in the development of the
vehicles and karmic binding to the very things folks are trying to avoid
(substances such as alcohol, "wrong" foods, sex, etc.) Laughter (as long as
it's not the hurtful type) is one of the most healing, unifying things
there is. How love of God and humanity has become equated with grimness,
self-inflicted suffering, etc. is beyond me. Perhaps its our Puritan
heritage here in the U.S. And this thing of intentionally missing meals
(unless one is fasting to meditate or for some other specific spiritual
task), etc. is almost like a merit-badge kind of thing. And acquiring these
"merit badges" become trappings with which the self becomes enthralled,
leading to self-admiration (and hopefully that of others), further
ensnaring oneself in maya, particularly the astral glamor.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get that off of my chest. ;-D


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