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Re: Criminals & Victims

Sep 10, 1997 07:44 PM
by kymsmith

Jerry wrote:

>There may be more to it than that, Doss. In psychology, it is well
>known that some people have a "victim mentality." If we all truly
>communicate telepathically, then it just could be that a victim
>sends out thoughts about wanting to die, and these are picked
>up by a would-be mugger or murderer who is then subconsciously
>drawn to the victim and commits the crime. Same could be true
>with rape. It is a possibility worth considering, but whatever the
>case, the karma is all the same, and the telepathy is more in the 
>nature of methodology. In each case, we have to ask "why" such
>and such a person? Why that night? Why me? etc.

Whoa!  Jump back from this!  Ok, so I guess JonBenet Ramsey wanted to be
raped and killed - she just didn't know it?  Didn't know she was sending out

Why do we "have to ask 'why' such and such a person?" - "Why that night?" -
How can we possibly know what has gone on in a person's life to be able to
judge why they were victims of crime?  Oh, and believe me, a person who is a
victim of a crime continually asks "Why me?"

Your paragraph, Jerry, is to me, an example of how easy it is for the "karma
theory" to get ugly.


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