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Re: Karma & Rules

Sep 09, 1997 00:16 AM
by techndex

At 07:43 PM 9/8/97 -0400, Kym wrote:
>God can "be love" and there can still be "physical and emotional suffering."
>For example, if one believes in the concept of "free will" then some of the
>pain we suffer can be explained (although it does not explain why animals

I agree. However, the question is whether animals actually suffer. They
indeed feel pain, a tremendous amount of pain. But one of the things that
those of who taught natural childbirth classes often said--there's a
difference between pain and suffering. Suffering results from pain but has
an added emotional component. So we may need to find out if, and if so, how
much of an emotional component is attached to the pain that animals
experience. (Note, this is not at all an attempt to legitimize in any way
inflicting pain on animals. :-))
>You speak of the "force" of "their beliefs" - yes, I agree completely that
>we can think ourselves into suffering.  Yet, there are beings who suffer
>greatly who do not go around "thinking" about it (again, animals would be an

See above. I totally agree that we can think ourselves into suffering.  
>Perhaps you may want to define what you consider "love" to mean, thereby
>defining your concept of God.  I would be interested in knowing what you
>(and anyone else on this list if they care to) believe "love" is. The
>concept of love doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. . .

To me, love is ultimately the esoteric law of attraction. I like the way
that it was put in AAB's "Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I", page 10:
"Love is not a sentiment or an emotion, nor is it desire or a selfish
motive for right action in daily life. Love is the wielding of the force
which guides the worlds and which leads to the integration, unity and
inclusiveness which impels Deity itself to action. Love is a hard thing to
cultivate--such is the inherent selfishness of human nature; it is a
difficult thing to apply to all conditions of life, and its expression will
demand of you the utmost you have to give, and the stamping out of your
selfish personal activities."

Well, I've manickly babbled enough on theos-l tonight. Sweet dreams to all
of you.


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