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Re: Rules

Sep 08, 1997 09:11 PM
by techndex

At 09:58 AM 9/8/97 -0400, Doss wrote:
>One of the problems that we run into when following or listening to
>teachers, traditions etc. looking for guidelines is there are far too many
>of the teachers and traditions and more often than not it is very likely
>that many of them are no good. So far more are likely to be mislead, and
>that is a real problem. May be for some they have to be burnt before they
>realize they have chosen the wrong teacher or tradition. In some cases the
>harm may be so serious that one will get disillusioned about all teachers
>and traditions. My 2 cents worth.

In some cases, that may not be harm but an occasion for looking within to
find ones Inner Teacher. ;-D


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