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Re: black holes

Sep 07, 1997 03:14 AM
by Tim Maroney

>What I am saying here is that just as black
>hole and white holes are apparently connecting links between various
>spaces and times in the fabric of spacetime, so laya centers may be
>connecting links between mental, astral, and physical planes.

Liminality or in-betweenness is a major theme in current scholarship on 
Western magic and I think it is great that you are working this theme 
into your personal symbolism in such a prominent way. The development of 
a deep symbolic web has always been a primary tool of theurgical working.

However, so far as I know, white holes are not a subject of study in 
modern physics. They were a brief-lived speculation that never caught on. 
You are presenting it as if they were a known fact. That's what I mean by 
"unfounded scientific speculation." I don't really think of cosmology as 
a subject to which personal psychic explorations are likely to make a 
very substantial contribution.

Tim Maroney

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