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White Holes, and Theosophists

Sep 06, 1997 03:53 AM
by ChroniRiggatoni


A recent post discusses black holes and their presumable counterparts,
white holes.

I am wondering if white holes were tentatively assumed to be stars, what
would be the outcome of *bending* science and or Theosophy, in the sense
that was presented in the post, to explain it or to establish the
details thereof?

Not that such bodies will seem paticularly divine to the photophobic or
sunstricken, perhaps, but there may be something of an appreciably
spirtual nature, for want of a less cumbersome and contradictory
sounding phrase, in the Solar Science described by Paul Brunton in his
desciptions of mysticism in India
and the answer could be here for all I know.

And since I have seen recent posts on Medicine Wheels, I am curious as
the people's opinions on
both Shamanism and Astrology in terms of the Theosophists.

In spite of my gratification that BIrd/ Thompkins in Secrets of the
Soil* include an appendix that may honor Leadbeater and Besant as the
discoverers of quarks, it has long seemed to me that Leadbeater's
visions in *Though Forms" were shamanic in character, that is, that they
were indeed visions and perhaps not direct perceptions nor astral
constructs, and subject to interpretation for any practical goals mostly
by applying archetypes, medicinal perougetives and even Correspondences.

I have never known of Blavatsky, Leadbeater or Besant, etc, to feign
ignorance, and yet the seeming lack of viable material strategies there
seems to correspond to the very areas the Theosophists did not seem to
demonstate particular strength that I am aware of. (I have said *seem*
too often in this sentence, yet I do not wish to presume otherwise.)

(The example of astral crustaceans may indicate not actual astral
inhabitants, but in a shamanic style, using crabs as symbols for the
human neutrotransmitter, 5-hydroxy-tryptophan (serotonin), which they
are said to contain, may imply that this is deficient in the persons in
question, both tenantsand patrons of a house of ill repute, and may also
indicate a concurrent astrogical set of affliction in both parties,
certain insecurites of negative Cancer. Further, the science of
correspondences implies to us that walnut, with shells looking something
like these claws and implied inmethodsof cracking them, and certain
members of the Musaceae family of plants, to name several, would contain
serotonin or similar compounds which I am fairly well assured is

Have I missed anything, either classical or more recent, that attempts
to tie these areas of Theosophy and Astrology, and Shamanism, closer



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