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Re: Rules

Sep 05, 1997 04:59 PM
by Titus Roth wrote:

> Rules are needed for an efficient and orderly progress of physical
> activities. Such as one way traffic, traffic signals, etc. etc. Some of
> these are also necessary to protect the physical security and safety of
> everyone. 

> When you go to non physical matters, I don't know what are the rules and who
> sets them? Gurus, religious leaders, sacred books, tradition, or whatever.

> Any ideas? 

Rules are inherent in Nature and are an aspect of Law. They may be subtle,
but they are there.

"The way that can be told is not the eternal way." Lao Tsu

God Himself/Herself follows rules. He/She also permits us to break them (and
suffer the consequences), so we should also respect others rights to break
them and suffer the consequences unless it hurts other people.

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