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Re: Rules

Sep 05, 1997 10:57 AM
by Titus Roth

I wrote:

>> To say that we are condemned to be burned by the mere act of making any
>> choice is a little too gloomy and fatalistic for me.

"A. Safron" <> wrote:

> How old are you?  I'm 48 and the older I get the more bitter endings I
> endure by authority figures whose agenda was more important than mine.  They
> make promises they can't keep and keep you in a servile position, especially
> if you're a woman.

I'm 43.

> I still stand by my position that the only supportive Love and Light is
> within.  The Soul will never abandon you till death, because it is the one
> that created you to act in the game of life.  All other characters you meet
> on the game board are there to play out their script, even if means your
> burning.

OK. You win. Still theosophical friends?


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