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Re: Battle between paper and cyber version

Jul 31, 1997 07:43 PM
by ramadoss

At 01:34 PM 7/31/97 -0400, wrote:
>In a message dated 97-07-30 23:15:38 EDT, you write:
>>Perhaps if Theosophy is going to appear in every home, it better negotiate
>>with Ted Turner and buy it's own cable channel.  Or maybe satellite!
>I'm getting a nasty idea here.  Does anyone remember Gene Scott?  We can have
>a chorus singing "Kill some piss ants for Blavatsky" over and over again
>until the donations come in.  Or, in honor of Johnny's obsession with Masonry
>(witness his book reviews) "Kill some puissants for Blavatsky."
>Chuck the Heretic

I wonder what's is the obsession due to. The future of TS and TSA lies in
Theosophy and not in Masonry, LCC or anything else however much each one of
us personally feel good bad or indifferent about these other outfits.

Couple of years ago, he attempted to include Masonic Program as part of the
official Program of TSA Annual Meeting. Objections were raised to mixing
masonry with TSA activities. After that we are yet to see any Masonic
Program included in the Annual Meeting/Convention program.

Very frequently, subtly and tacitly masonic activity is attempted to be
brought into the forefront in the AT/Quest. 

What most people don't know is that the faction that is *supported* is one
whose policies are decided and directed by a group of Frenchmen who head the
co-masonic organization. 

To this day, no non Frenchman/Woman has ever been the head of the
organization and many in this country see it as the last vestiges of old day
French colonialism. (Some may justify as typical Hierarchial *Occult* setup
-- you use your common sense and decide for yourself)

Also what has been hidden from the members/public is the fact that a
litigation is going on in Denver Federal District Court as a result of US
Members rebelling against Frenchmen wanting to control and dictate the
business in this country -- most US members declared independent of Paris
and is now totally controlled by democratically elected leaders in the USA. 

The Frenchmen thru their followers(representatives) sued the Colorado
Corporation to take control of the properties situated in the USA and this
is now under litigation at Denver. Many from Wheaton are in the French camp.
Many members of TSA are in the other camp which decided not to let any
foreign outfit control US property and affairs.

This is some of the *real* story, not the *moderated* ones you may have heard.


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