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DSArthur on CWL

Jul 31, 1997 11:05 AM
by kymsmith

Dennis wrote:

>          2.  Regarding the various "CWL" comments, I consider it a little
>ironic that, had he had a proclivity for nicotine, society would have
>accomodated him.  It still does today despite the appalling destructiveness
>of cigarettes.  Or alcohol?  There are liquor stores everywhere.  Sadistic
>tendencies?  Try professional hockey or, better still, boxing.  It would
>appear that CWL's misfortune was to have virtually the only proclivity (i.e.
>homosexualtiy) that society to date has beee unwilling to accomodate.  But
>even that is slowly changing (witness all the "Gay Pride" parades of late).
>Perhaps CWL's major fault was to incarnate a few decades too soon.  As Keith
>would say --- NAMASTE ---     

Hello Dennis?  The complaint about CWL is NOT homosexuality - it's about CWL
being a CHILD MOLESTER.  And your comparisons to "nicotine," "hockey," etc.
. .make no sense at all in this context.  

You're statement "Perhaps CWL's major fault was to incarnate a few decades
too soon" is semi-on-the-money (I differ with you on his major fault) - but
if he had been incarnated a few decades later, maybe a REAL investigation
could have taken place by a neutral party - and CWL would have been
completely exonerated or imprisoned - either way, there would have been closure.

Anyway, you've missed the point completely.  Dammit.


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