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Re: Pagels alive

Jul 30, 1997 03:55 PM
by techndex

At 07:47 PM 7/29/97 -0400, Keith wrote:
>Keith:  I'm glad to hear about Elaine and sorry to hear it was Heinz.
Yes, it 
>was in his book THE COSMIC CODE in which he debunked the attempt to marry 
>quantum physics (the lower physical plane) to the spirtual/ buddhic/
>plane (one of the higher planes) bypassing the biological and to some extent 
>the intellectual.  His main point, I believe is that the microcosmic world
>cosmic physics is much like the macrocosmic world of the atomic world of the 
>stars and our sun, but the mesocosmic world is a world of statistics where
>the cosmic/quatumn fuzziness gets washed away into the all to specific world 
>of the senses which is Maya when compared to the micro and macro.
>Enough already

Not hardly. After all, I sit patiently through discussions I have no
interest in or am tired of without implying that they should end. First of
all, I referred to the quantum level as a possible "transition zone" from
the dense physical plane. I did not try to wed it to the buddhic or
whatever plane which would be lucridously bypassing all of the planes in
between. I wasn't thinking of a transition to anything less dense than the
etheric, not even the astral level. Thirdly, Pagel is only one of many
physicists and in this, as in many things, YMMV.

Lynn Moncrief
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