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Re: Rumpled sheets

Jul 29, 1997 05:52 AM
by A. Safron

> From: Tom Robertson <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: Re: Rumpled sheets 
> Date: Monday, July 28, 1997 8:57 PM
> >> >Bondage?  Listen, there's so much energy between us, if we ever met, we
> >> >probably spend three days in bed. 
> >> 
> >> RU M or F?  I'm very picky, you know.
> >
> >It's your call, honey.
> Okay, I decided that URF.

> >BTW, I KNOW that ts-l or nl-l or any other "l" controlled by those
> >who think the world operates on the hushed tones of polite
> >conversation would NEVER EVER let this slide down the 
> >Internet.
> This has been a very Theosophical discussion. 

In a decidedly Scorpion organization, that is true.

 It has included
> unflinching humor in the face of a merciless attack, 

Attack? Did I aim for the groin?  

> true brotherhood and forgiveness in action. 

Brotherhood?  Are we talking about a gay relationship here?
And who is forgiving what?  Oh, yes, I cancelled the bondage date.

 I'm sure the moderator of
> TS-L would let my comments slide, since she knows that I would never
> say anything untheosophical, anyway.

If the world contains all things theosophical and that includes sexual banter, then
that would be true.  But my personal conversations with others at
Olcott  say that this mailing list is considered less than doggie doo.

A. Safron

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