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Quatum mechanics proves theosophy???

Jul 28, 1997 09:04 PM

Lynn writes:

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I posted something about what I believed to be the possible
relationship of quantum physics and esotericism. This morning my socks were
blown off to read an article on Theos-talk posted by Eldon Tucker (and
written by Malcolm Browne) on the linkage between photon pairs. According
to a quote in the article, "many theorists think quantum physics is a code
that interconnects everything in the universe including life itself". It
seems that quantum physics is proving theosophy. :-)

Keith: Yeah, we have heard this before, but there are a lot of critics --- 
chief among them Mr. Pagels the husband of Elaine who fell down the cliff (I 
hope she is in the arms of Sophia and out of the shards!)

He is a physicist and goes into great detail to prove that there is no action 
or communication at a distance between the paritcles, its all illusion of the 
Measurer - Maya you know, Maya means to measure.  Sorry, but we can't depend 
on today's physcics, because it all changes so fast, doesn't it!

With regrets because I love all that DANCING WU LEI Masters stuff too
Keith Price

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