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Re: On: Science and Religion (and Philosophy)

Jul 27, 1997 01:13 PM
by Annette Rivington

> (E. J.) wrote:
>      Does it appear that we could meld or synthesize the three realms
> in the
> name of "Completeness" ?   Any thoughts ?
>                         }*-*{
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Many thanks for the definitions.  I like them.

Isn't the above what we are all trying to do and finding it an onerous
task?  Or do you mean that Society could try to do this, pragmatically?
I'm not well read, lately that is, but I seem to remember reading that
the motivation of the previous round of scientists (approx.17th & 18th
Centuries) was more that of religion/philosophy (and sometimes downright
alchemy).  What ended up as Science (the How), started out as their
personal ways of seeking their answers to the Why, by which they hoped
to find the "Truth".  I often stop and remind myself that their seeking
led to their "children's" "Science" which evolved into their
"grandchildren's" Technology and a whole (new) way of life for a whole
mess of (reluctant) people.

Of course we could "meld" the three very simply.  All education would be
about one subject only - "The search for Truth".  One could not graduate
in Economics or Chemistry or Sociology, as studying these parts of
knowledge would be very incomplete.  In fact, one could not graduate at
all.  That would at least be a start, wouldn't it?  Everyone would
participate in a method of primary and secondary education to learn the
basic life skills, history of the race, the basics of the what, where,
who and how, languages for communication, developing the imagination,
meditation, freeing the spirit within, and most importantly, individual
discovery of that talent or skill one would bring to the world
community, which would be the basis for one's post-secondary education.
By this time in one's life, one would "naturally" respect all life and
"understand" the interdependence of all and the rights of all.  Life
would be a continual learning process and the knowledge that one could
not "graduate" as an expert in only one part, would help one keep alive
the necessary state of humility and grace to keep the process going, not
only for oneself, but for all future generations.

Following this process through many generations, I envision each person
finally reaching a level of understanding that propels the whole race
into a next level of existence.  I haven't really envisioned what that
is yet, but I do feel that when we get to it, there will be no problem
with "parts" versus "whole".

You asked for thoughts, here's what I have been doing, on and
off, since I was old enough to remember:
Every morning, in those few seconds before I become aware of my physical
body and all those daily "burdens" manifest themselves, I try to
maintain the state and feeling of first awakening.  In this state, I am
free, my body is not a weight, there are no rules and restrictions, and
I let myself go where I go and think what I think.  Sometimes I can't do
it, but often, I "see" answers to things and always I start off the day
in a positive and happy state (even if only for 10 seconds!).
Next I look out the window and thank the "Great Spirit" for the day,
whatever kind of weather it is.  I greet Mother Earth and say I am glad
to be still here, part of the magic.  Then I have a shower and under the
running water, plan my day, solve business problems and get new ideas.
Then I drive to work along back roads that take me past farms and open
spaces and I usually have a conversation with either myself or an
imaginary friend and as I get closer to that Corporation that keeps me
in currency, I have to work hard at staying calm and in focus and
telling myself that the point of it all is greater than all the little
tasks I will probably end up getting embroiled in.
Practically every day I fail to retain that focus, so I wait until every
one has gone home at 5.00 p.m., and then I work until what ever time it
takes for me to get the tasks done to my level of perfection with my
energy infused in whatever I produce.  Sounds nutty doesn't it?  But
more and more, I am unable to work amongst the chaos and as I get older,
I am losing the ability to shut out the back ground noise and focus.  On
the positive side of things, more and more I am successful for a few
seconds at a time in "completely joining" with what I am doing.  For
example, "joining" with my computer during doing a spreadsheet, so that
I feel at one with the energy that is manifest in the "thing" that is my
PC.  During these times, I don't have to "remember" what to click on
etc. like some learned behaviour, I do what ever is required naturally,
and often do something new that I have not "learned" before, but that
then becomes part of what I do and always speeds up the process.
This latter concept is not new, either to me or to others, and the
theory is that we develop this to give us more time to meditate and
think - hence melding the how, what and why in our daily lives.  We once
thought that a kinder, gentler "man" was developing technology so that
we could all be philosophers for more of the day.
No deal!  The more you achieve, the better you produce, the more you are
given to do, until you are overloaded, solving everyone's problems,
finishing up everyone's unfinished tasks, like some scabby old
Usually I take a break with the night shift.  A cosmopolitan group of
highly educated immigrants who cannot get well paid day jobs because of
restrictions in acceptance of qualifications between countries.  We
often debate many of the issues I see on your network and sometimes, for
a brief moment, in the middle of the night a group of people from
diverse religions and cultures get so close that I can see the light
come into the room and feel the love.  Then we all go back to work or
home and it is lost.
Now, if you could bottle those moments.................
Oh my gosh, I've talked too long again.
Great debates going on on Theos-L Digest!
One last point.........
The other day, I thought briefly about a world without electricity and
computers, and whether this was destined, part of a test.  Hard not to
do with all this talk and fear about the "end of the world as we have
known it".  The progression of my thought was that, sooner or later, we
will all face a time of no computers, jobs, material comforts, whether
individually or globally.  Am I ready for that?  No, but I think I'm
being "told" to get into training pretty fast.
Regards to all.  Annette.

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