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Re: FW: Simplistic Teaching.

Jul 24, 1997 08:47 PM
by ramadoss

At 09:05 AM 7/24/97 -0400, Anna S. Bjornsdottir & E.A. wrote:
>Jerry S. wrote:
>>The doctrine of cycles is too simplistic in Theosophical
>>literature and leads to tail-chasing IMO.
>I agree, Paul. Also with karma, reincarnation, and most other topics.
>Things are really a whole lot more complex then they look on the
>surface. And modern Theosophy only scratches the surface (I think
>HPB would agree with this).
>Jerry S.
>Einar here.
>Things are simple - they simply are.
>It is our mind and out mode of thinking that is complex.
>"Mind is the slayer of the real" according to Blavatsky, and when we have
finally entered the "direct mode of percepting" i.e. Intuitive
understanding, "things", including manvabtaras, cycles karma and
reincarnation will become simple again - and totally different from what we
thought before. 
>This is why the saints and sages tell us not to bother too much about this
"thinking about" things and instead turn our mind to the "direct
perception". For this we need to turn inwardly, by meditation, by
inrtospection, by trying to understand ourselves, our mode of thinking, our
fellings, seeking intuition, direct understanding, rather than outward
>According to Patanjali yoga is the art of inhibiting or controling the
modes of thinking  (simply stated) or being able to stay in the mode of
"silent mind", a condition where no thoughts enter the mind for a peolonged
period of time. Then, states Patanjali in his third sutra, "the chela will
see himself [and the world] as he really is".
>We will never "really" understand the world by pondering over it, trying to
think our way to an understanding of it. Only direct intuitive seeing will
bring us to that real understanding, and then we will understand that
convaying that truth to others is almost impossible.
>There exists no chaos in the entire Universe. The only "chasos" there is,
is the chaos in our head, which is called "Maya" or ignorance. Remove Maya
and the world will return to harmony - automatacally!. (In reality - to tell
the truth - Maya is also part of the universal harmony, as has be peceived
in every profound mystical experience thrughout the ages).
>Be in peace.

Well said, Einar.

I am reminded by what a well known lecturer told us in a lecture a couple of
years. All the writings and the ideas presented in various important
writings are inspired ones. But we get stuck to the writings and try to
interpret and split hairs. The intent and the hope of the writers is that
the readers do not stop at them but go to the source of inspiration and find
out first hand for themselves the things that were written.

Also I am reminded of the story which is ascribed to Lord Buddha, that he
said that there is going to be a lot different opinions and ideas about
thing unseen. So let us concentrate and deal with things all of us see. That
was the basis of his practical approach to deal with the root of sorrow and

Again, all the ideas about reincarnation, cycles, rounds etc. aside, we do
have problems to deal with here and now, like a house being on fire and the
immediate urgency is one of putting out the fire and not trying to find out
scientifically or forensically why the house is on fire.

Differnt strokes for different people, I suppose and as always YMDMV for
everyone who is reading this.


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