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On: Science and Religion (and Philosophy)

Jul 23, 1997 11:13 PM
by E. J.

     This is an operation of the human spiritual mind in its endeavor to
understand not only the How and the Why of things, but comprising in addition a
yearning and striving towards Self-Conscious Union with the Divine ALL, and an
endlessly growing Self-Conscious Identification with the Cosmic Divine-Spiritual
Realities.   It is one phase of a tri-form method of understanding the nature of
Nature, of Universal Nature, and its multiform and multifold workings.  This
phase can not be separated from the other two phases -- Science and Philosophy
 -- if we wish to gain a true picture of things as they are in themselves.
Religion is thus the expression of that aspect of man's Inner Consciousness
which is intuitional, aspirational, and mystical, and which is often deformed
and distorted through superstition and emotionalism and toxic conditioning.

     It is usual among modern Europeans to derive the word "religion"
from the Latin meaning, "to bind back" -- religare.  But there is another
derivation, which Cicero used, taken from a Latin root meaning "to select," or
"to choose," from which we have the word lex -- law, or the course of conduct or
rule of action which is chosen as the best, as ascertained by selection, trial
and proof.  It thus means a careful selection of fundamental beliefs and motives
by the Higher or Spiritual intellect, by the intuitional judgment and
understanding.  Behind all of the world's religions and philosophies, as many
have pointed out, stands the Esoteric Wisdom.   This is what we must Seek for
rather than the facade of Religion.

     This is an operation of the human mind in its endeavor to understand not
merely the How of things, but the Why -- why and how things are as they are.
Like Religion and Science, it is one of the three phases of operations of Human
Consciousness.  Not one of these three, as can be divorced from the other two,
and if such an attempt is made so to divorce them, the result is spiritual and
intellectual dissatisfaction, and the mind senses an incompleteness.  So, any
Philosophy which is unscientific and unreligious, or any Religion which is
unscientific and unphilosophical, and any science which is unphilosophical and
unreligious, is erroneous because incomplete. 

     Philosophy is that aspect of human consciousness which is correlative, and
which seeks bonds of union among things and exposes them, when found, as
existing in the manifold and diverse forms of natural processes, and the
so-called laws which demonstrate their existence.

     This is an operation of the human mind in its endeavor to understand the
How of things -- not any particular science whatsoever, but the thing in itself

 -- ordered and classified knowledge.  It is the aspect of human thinking in the
activity of the mentality in the latter's inquisitive, researching and
classifying function.

     Does it appear that we could meld or synthesize the three realms in the
name of "Completeness" ?   Any thoughts ?
"No drug, not even alcohol, causes the 
fundamental ills of Society.   If we're
looking for the causes of our troubles,
we should't test people for drugs; we
should test them for stupidity, ignorance,
greed, and love of power." -- P.J. O'Rourke

Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways, e.j. }-_-{
"As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, 
they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, 
they do not refer to reality."  -- Albert Einstein

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