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Re: Software trouble - Doss

Jul 17, 1997 10:39 PM
by ramadoss

At 01:35 AM 7/18/97 -0400, wrote:
>Doss wrote:
>> Kym: It is quite possible that some may not have seen all the msg. This
>> morning I found out that due to some software problem some subscribers were
>> deleted from theos-l. I hope this has not affected you.
>Thanks for the information, doss.  It seems I'm not deleted (or, then
>again, maybe I was?), but I am definitely missing some posts.  Again, I
>appreciate the helpful heads-up.
Kym: You can go and retrieve all the postings say since yesterday. Just send
e-mail to and in the body of the msg write INDEX THEOS-L.

After you get the list, request which ever file you need. Files are stored
by date.


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