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Re: the point in the circle

Jul 16, 1997 10:39 PM
by Tim Maroney

>>we both believe that Crowley was more theosophical than
>>either the O.T.O. or the T.S. would like to admit).

>I think otherwise. Crowley was a racist pure and simple.

Reductionist biography is a rather futile exercise. Crowley had the 
failing of racism, just as Blavatsky had many character failings, which 
even her closest associates had to admit in writing about her. Both of 
the two also had many other aspects to their character, some positive, 
some negative, most ambiguous.

Their multidimensionality doesn't make their flaws any less worthy of 
condemnation. It's just that trying to reduce a complex individual to a 
single failing is not particularly good biography. It would be like 
saying that Blavatsky was a foul-tempered faker, pure and simple. She was 
those things, but whe was also so much more.

Tim Maroney

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