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Re: Rave, but you may pay consequences

Jul 15, 1997 05:45 PM
by ramadoss

> Personally, I have found that this is what the real Internet is about.
> People speaking their minds FREELY,  as in the Aquarian mode.
> And if that pisses people off, they can start their own list.  I, myself,
> have been verbally chided by those who think what I had to say
> about the LCC, TS or anything was JUST TOO INDISCREET.
> WAKE UP, THERE!  This is the Aquarian Age, whether you like it
> or not and people are going to say what they feel, whether anyone
> likes it or not.
> WATCH OUT!  The Aquarian person is pouring it right on your old
> head, kinda like a water balloon.
> A. Safron
> Keith:  I think one can rave and accuse, but for myself, I have learned the
> hard karmic lesson that we all live in vehicles with thin skins and you just
> don't point out that the emporor has no clothes, unless you are a very small
> child.  Some may point out your similar lack of clothing and the emporor may
> rip them off.
> Very veiled,
> Keith Price

   I still wonder if one sees something is wrong, one should keep
quiet.  Speaking up for the right reason and right cause requires
courage. Fear of present or future consequences cloud our thinking and
action and thus prevents us from speaking the right thing. Unless one
keeps an open mind and deals with everything in a open and direct
manner, we get into the stressful conflict within us. We know we should
speak up. We dont speak up for various mundane reasons and on goes the
inner conflict thus producing strain and may be leading to a good source
of income to the shrinks. Just my 2 cents.


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