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Re: Is God testing again?

Jul 14, 1997 07:04 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>       I am just getting sick and tired of a group of people here reading
>something sinister into every single word that comes out of somebody
>from National Headquarters of the TSA, and then bemoan the fact that
>people from National Headquarters don't participate here. In the
>meantime, they post messages more worthy of Beavis and Butthead than

Maybe people are seeing true?  Why would they want to read something
sinister in US HQ pronouncements *unless* perhaps there was good reason?
Many of the subscribers to theos-l are well educated and intelligent
people of many years experience of not only theosophy but of a number of
other approaches to Truth.  I began my own quest 41 years ago, and have
probably read more crap than most, if only because I've had more time
than most.  However, this means I can recognise it when I read it again.

See your paragraph as quoted above.

You don't have to stay with us if you don't like us.

And, BTW, if the postings re US HQ are so negative, *why do those at HQ
with theos-l access NOT step in to present the alternative view?*  Doss
has been asking this question for a long time, and NO ONE has yet to
answer him.  And you wonder why people are suspicious?  Wake up!


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