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Re: "She does rave betimes"

Jul 13, 1997 03:33 PM
by ramadoss

At 05:50 PM 7/13/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
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>> Subject: "She does rave betimes"
>> Date: Sunday, July 13, 1997 2:25 AM
>> Well, far be it for me to nit-pick! but, in the recent issue of "Quest" (the
>> teeny one), John Algeo addressed a reader who wrote about desiring an
>> article which would discuss how the "Heaven's Gate tragedy" could never
>> happen in Theosophy.  Algeo answered that the TS has "certain inherent
>> protections against the sort of cult behavior. . .associated with groups
>> like the Heaven's Gate organization.  Chief among those is the emphasis in
>> Theosophy on personal responsibility and freedom from authoritarian
>> dictation."  
>It is also interesting that any research done on Heaven's Gate also
>mentions the fact that Bonnie Nettles, one of the two leaders, was
>a member of the Houston Theosophical Society.  She taught Herff what
>she knew from that and then weaved into their own UFO philosophy.
>In the now-popular-book, "The Gods Have Landed", it states: "We are now
>in a position to examine HPB's role  in shaping the (alien) contactee
picture. . . . 
>LIttle recognzed, and certainly not emphasized by either Blavatsky or
modern theosohists, 
>HPB included among the heierarchy a master who dwelt on Venus and with whom
she was in
>contact.  These masters she termed the Lords of the Flame and the Lord of
This World, the Head
>of the heirarchy for humanity."

  Indian scriptures have mentioned these Adepts - called Kumaras - from
antiquity and is nothing new at least in that part of the world. What HPB
did was to bring it to the attention of the modern world and more precisely
explaine e Their position and the role They played in helping Man/Woman.
Just to clarify.


>So HPB is not only responsible for the New Age, but also the UFO phenomena.
>I could hear Algeo doing some fancy dancing and talking when it comes to
this, especially in
>reassurring everyone the Olcott is not a a similar group to Heaven's Gate
nor has a similar
>-A. Safron

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