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RE: Annettes Spiritual Seeds.....

Jul 08, 1997 06:33 AM
by Anna S. Bjornsdottir & E.A.

This message bounced back, so here I try again............
Well. I knew you could pull it folks!!!

I have been witnessing some sprouting of spititual seeds here on Theos-Buds (of all places) since Annette posted her somewhat emotional and provocating, but very sensible post. I think that you touched a string in all of us here Anette. - Thank you.
This dialogue has been wonderful to follow, so much of compassion and sensitivity without the negative attitude.

OK. Just a little into the dialogue.
I got the Celstine Prophesy in its first months and I liked it so much that I started a 5 week introductory course into its vays of Self Culture or Spiritual Path at the TS in Iceland. There were in all 3 courses, before I got back to my old track, but I still include one evening (two hours) going into the main points. 

Of course there is nothing new under the sun, concerning the perennial wisdom, but we need ever new approaches to it, not because of the wisdom, but because of our nature of mental stagnation in the forms - any forms. It is therfore of paramount importance that we can speak the 'truth' in a fresh way at all times. So if you find CP to be of help, then use it as a platform into further study - you will find it repeated and corroborated in miriads of ways in the scriptures, but it is the "guts feeling" that matters. To feel it working within, and spreading from there to the outer life, is what makes it worth while. And CP is good for that.

Aprpos Spiritual Powers. I almost tend to stand by all the views put forth here. It is my view that one should use it cautiously, even not at all - IN PUBLIC... !!
It is the 'show-off' that most often turns it into a circus, not because of the powers, but because of peoples attitude in general. You should always be aware that when showing of such extra sensory powers, most people have no way of corroborating what is said or done. It will unfortunately split people into believers and sceptics, and maybe a few neutral (sane?) minds, and the 'freak' will end up with lot of adoring, albeit blind followers. (What a nice and comfortable felling for any well inflated EGO!!)

Then any faculty obtained naturally in the course of spiritual endeavour is a gift to be cherished and cultivated for any benificial cause, relieving suffering, promoting understanding and unity.

But the real skills of spirituality, worth seeking all the time, by every means, are there laid out for us by the masters and sages of all times - becoming more understanding, more loving, - yes and more tolerant, (in a 'correct' way). 

Note the golden rule of relationship:
"You should never use or manipulate any person - and more important - you should never yield to the use or manipulation of any person whatsoever" This is first rule of Control Theory, the remedy of all socalled co-dependecy, which is one of the most common disease's of modern (and ancient) relationships. This is a very difficult and complicated rule to apply, but it is the key to a personal freedom beyond imagination!!

I would like to add some few words on service, help, charity and giving. 
First of all: Giving is only 'real' giving if there is not a touch of craving for anything in return. 
Secondly: Giving is also impossible if there is a craving from the reciever of the gift.
Please don't take these statements lightly. Ponder over them and see if they are really right or wrong. 
In the light of these abowe statements we should look at the other "good deeds".
Help is only help if both given and received unconditionally. Help tends to become manipulation, according to the helpers limited view on the situation. Charity is more often than not important for the "charitable" person and not at all for the receiver. Service, in the real sense, is also a very subtle form of giving unconditionally from ones heart.

These are basics, but if we are aware of their importance in our relations to others and try to apply them wholeheartidly, we will eventually understand how wise they really are. 
Horse-trading gifts and any other 'goods' in relationship is perfectly all right, if we stick to the abowe rules, set fair limits in our relationships, and practice the art of unconditional giving, whenever we have anything of worth to give. 

It may be noted , in case you didn't know, that giving is the key ingredience in spiritual joy and happiness!!

As usual I may sound like I know all this,  - I don't !. Please take this for what it is, a feeble seeking for some light in the dark - and don't dare to believe a word of what I just said....!

I have to leave you now, going this morning (the time is past 4 am) out in the country, to spend a week alone in the family hut in the nort of Iceland, trees all around, mountains to climb, company of the birds, the music of a lonely brook, the immense silence of the light arctic night - just imagine - heaven on earth, heaven within!

See you all in a week!

Einar from Iceland.


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