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Re: Market stalls

Jul 04, 1997 04:51 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>> In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
>> <> writes
>> >       She has a movement which is a derivative of the I AM movement, which 
>> >derived off of Alice Bailey. She claims to be the One True Messenger(tm)
>> >of the Mahatmas, has a church (where the members give up their worldly
>> >posessions to her), is stockpiling arms for coming bad times, and is
>> >generally the picture of what is commonly called a "cult leader".
>> >
>> >       Bart Lidofsky
>> Thanks. I think I'll give her stall a miss ...
>       But that is the point I am trying to make. If one wants to make some
>sort of unification movement for Theosophy, without judgment, then her
>group MUST be included.
>       Bart Lidofsky

Indeed it must, but a friendly word can alert us to its presence and
nature, which is how I understood your message!


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