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Re: Definitions

Jul 03, 1997 04:27 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>There have been some discussions about defining "Theosophical" terms. Once
>we go beyond it and get involved in people and organizations, other terms
>become important. Some of them may be slang and some of them may have unique
>meanings depending on the context. It may be a good idea to mention a few
>terms. A discussion of them by people who have encountered them in real life
>may help newbees who are impressed by the lofty ideals of T/theosophy may
>avoid some shocks when they run into these.
>Here are a few terms:
>        Theosophist

1. A member of an "official" theosophical organisation with a particular
message to offer.

>        theosophist

2. A student of "god-wisdom" [theo-sophia, from the Greek] who may or
may not be a member of anything.

>        Brotherly

3. Togetherness as defined by someone in the 1. category.

>        Unbrotherly

4. Often used by 1. when others disagree, otherwise the usual notion of
selfishness, particularly the male kind.  In 1. Theosophy "Sisterly" can
be a hard word to find, and is sadly absent from Doss's (admittedly)
incomplete list.

>        Theosophical

5. In agreement with or following the teachings of organisations like 1.

>        theosophical

6. Seeking divine wisdom from whatever source.

>        untheosophical
>        unTheosophical
7. Not doing 6. or 5.

Alan (Tongue ever so slightly n cheek)

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