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Kundalini and bipolar disorder ;-D

Jul 02, 1997 09:18 AM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-07-01 19:26:03 EDT, you write:

> Keith:  Manic depression seems to be common with those on the spiritual
>  Some would mistake it for kundalini awakening.  I had a bad time last

Hi Keith,

Without your having said more than that you had a bad time last fall, I can
sense enough of the hell you've undergone underlying that remark to say a
heartfelt, I understand! And offer you a big hug!!!!!

To me, the awakening of kundalini is the event of energy rising from the
chakra at the base of the spine to the thousand-petal lotus chakra at the
crown of the head and the resulting destruction of the causal body. If that's
what you meant by the association that some folks make with bipolar disorder,
then I agree that it is a mistaken relationship. I've never mistaken it for
kundalini awakening because I'm always wondering what I've done "wrong" to
end up with such an aberrant neurochemistry.  IMHO, by the time one is far
enough along to awaken kundalini, they've fully mastered the wielding of
energy/matter in the three worlds, no longer have the need to reincarnate,
and certainly wouldn't suffer from bipolar disorder. ;-D

However, I can see how it could be mistaken for that. More than any of the
other major psychiatric disorders, manic-depression is associated with a high
degree of creativity and genius because of the unusual number of artists,
authors, and other famous people who have it. Also, at least in my
experience, it is like being in contact with an extremely intense "firey
energy" within you (which fuels the mania) that demands expression--thus the
high correlation of creativity associated with it IMHO. It does compel me to
write, do artwork, compose music, etc. Dr. Jamison, a manic-depressive
psychologist, titled one of her books "Touched by Fire" for good reason (as
did a recent Discovery Channel segment on this disease). 

It could indeed be associated with stimulation of various chakras, possibly
the throat chakra (associated with creativity) in this particular case. But
just because a chakra is being stimulated or is in the process of unfoldment,
it doesn't mean that all is well. There can be imbalances and problems in the
interplay of energies or overstimulation of a chakra, IMHO, that manifest as
psychiatric disorders and we end up spending an incarnation here and there
working to balance the energies however unconsciously. (I was alluding to
this somewhat when I was saying in a post about CWL that his behavior could
have been the result of energy imbalances, an overstimulated chakra, perhaps.
This does not excuse the behavior, but is my search for compassion and
understanding about these things.) It makes for a very peculiar, dramatic,
incarnation. ;-D I mean, when I leave this one, as I hurl through the tunnel
toward the Devachan, I'll look back, laugh, and say, "It's been real!" ;-D
>  There are a lot of people doing work and experimenting with support groups

>  like THE SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE NETWORK of Christina Grof. etc.

Fascinating!!! Thanks for the information. <Surely, there's something about
this on the Web!>

>  Namasate

At the risk of sounding woefully ignorant, what does Namasate mean? I've
always been dying to know. ;-D


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