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Jul 02, 1997 00:05 AM
by Terry Briscoe

Patrick wrote: 
 ... I suppose we can note and agree that a few fringe fanatics like
the Nazis or most liberals do not believe in basic human rights but in
coercively orchestrating society to make themselves feel good...and
these groups are separate from consitutional "militias" ... 

Kym wrote:
No, Patrick, we cannot agree.  Liberals are not like Nazis, nor do they
think or believe as the Nazis did/do.  
The Holocaust really is just a matter of convenient comparison to you,
isn't it?  Just throw it around with no real thought of its meaning. . .
(Right On, Kym) tb

I wrote: The very idea of a neo-fascist 'theosophist' makes me cringe.
"Patrick," (why is your nom de plume in quotes?), this isn't a political
forum.. there are too many polit-focus groups out there to resort to radical 
unthoughtout polemics here, the (a) safe haven of unwashed tender strivers.  
Are you also a 'constitutional gun (rights) lover'?  I'm embarrassed to be so 
confrontational (so be it).  As G dePurucker says, "Let Love Prevail, damnit!"
-Tere'  %^)>

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