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Sex Magick Egyptian and Victorian

Jul 01, 1997 03:15 PM


The theories of sexual magic can be summarized:

(1) Man possesses hidden powers (often identified with the
   subconscious mind) which give him greater perception, raise him
   to states of ecstasy, expand his consciousness, stimulate
   increased physical, emotional and mental powers;

(2) These powers lie 'buried' beneath some 'barrier' which
   conscious control cannot penetrate, but which can be overcome by
   a variety of techniques, including to some extent drugs and

(3) This 'barrier' can be penetrated through heightening the
   physical, emotional and intellectual focus of the body by sexual
   stimulation', leading to a 'break through' at the point of
   orgasm, at which energy is released.

Techniques employed are heterosexual, homosexual or autosexual.

In the case of autosexual techniques, the aim was usually to
   heighten the consciousness of the magician and focus and
   stimulate his magical power, culminating in the release of
   energy at the point of orgasm. The English artist and magician
   Austin Spare employed a technique of 'magical masturbation' as a
   means of concentrating, releasing and directing magical energy.
   Aleister Crowley also employed magical sexual techniques - of
   every imaginable variety - in his occult work, and in the Ordo
   Templi Orientis, of which he was a member, 'magical
   masturbation' was taught as the technique of one of the higher

Keith:  I mentioned that much of the research into the rituals of ancient 
Egypt suggested the ritual re-enactment of the beginning of the manifested 
universe when the Sun-Energy Principle manifested as a physical being and was 
without a bride, but masturbated the universe into a curd like "starry" 
existence and then the other gods were manifested out of this.

The priests at Karnak re-enacted this ritual.  It seems to be less repulsive 
than ritual cannabilism of the Mayans, Aztecs etc. so let's not be too 
judgemental.   After all drinking the blood of Jesus Christ is pretty much 
vampirism no matter how you look at it.

There is no doubt that power energies are manifested in sexual acts.  
Supposedly the incarnating soul searches for his new mother and father while 
they are in flagrante delicto (or whatever the Latin is).  Feeling trishna and 
tanha the new/old saw is drawn back into meaty incarnation because of the 
ecstasies of his parents.

I have found that all this is well and good, but like anything there is hell 
to pay for excessive, selfish and unjust use of these energies.  The jails, 
not the temples are full of gang members who are drug and sex addicts and 
become slaves to beings that use them.  The brothers of the shadow are a lot 
easier to reach than the Masters of purity, wouldn't you say?

Keith Price

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