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Re: Iceland TS Webpage

May 31, 1997 07:24 AM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-05-30 07:08:57 EDT, Doss wrote:

>  I just visited the TS Iceland Webpage and Einar has done a wonderful job
>  .
>  One thing that is going to make visiting the url interesting is the
>  abundance of links to various spiritual organizations and other sources.
>  If all you have is just some addresses and programs, there would be no
>  incentive for visitors to visit the site.
>  I suggest everyone in theos-l should visit the site and see for
>  themselves.

Yiiikes!!! Could someone please repost that URL or, better yet, send it to me
offlist? I have sixty million pieces of paper lying around here with URLs on
them (having lost the notebook devoted just to URLs somewhere in this mess in
my office) and don't have Einar's post any longer. Thanks in advance.


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