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Re: Fees

May 27, 1997 04:21 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ken Malkin wrote:
> Sorry to offer my penny's worth so late in the discussion, but in Miami
> we have wrestled with the problem of the lodge's monetary needs over the
> years.

	And I, for one, have been impressed as to how you have solved them.
Volunteers are an extremely rare commodity these days, as most adults
work full time jobs and then some, yet you have created a full schedule
using (almost?) entirely voluntary effort.

> existing IRS statutes. All Board minutes, votes and membership lists are
> open to members upon written request. That is the law whereby the TSA is
> tax exempt, not a convenient fiction.

	There is a difference between Board minutes and complete transcripts,
however. In New York, we are currently in the process of organizing all
the minutes from all the Board meetings in history into a format where
any member can go to the Library and look them up.

> The mindless following of local "ES Wardens", representative of the
> International and National groups and the secret organizations within
> the ES prove themselves to be separate to the original stated aims of
> the founders of the TS. Whether there are two or three ES members in a
> lodge or other group, distress, disharmony and imbalance is promulgated
> by these members.

	We kept that from happening in New York. When one E.S. member started
claiming greater authority, the claim quickly ended when the member was
threatened with being thrown out of the E.S.

	Bart Lidofsky

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