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Re: Society's debt?

May 26, 1997 10:10 AM
by JRC

On Mon, 26 May 1997, Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> JRC wrote:
> >         IMO - we should charge *NOTHING* for any lecture, any talk, any
> > presentation, in any Theosophical group or lodge. Ever. We are recipients
> > of a fragment of wisdom so far beyond such considerations that to charge
> > for it is little other than a sign that we do not truly understand its
> > value - or the value system from whence it came.
> 	I think we should disseminate the knowledge to as wide a body of people
> who might benefit from it as possible. I guess you want it kept to a
> very select few.

No of course I don't want it kept for a "select few" - and the fact that
you would believe the first sentence in my post implies this is a good
demonstration of the last sentence.

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