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Karmic consequences

May 26, 1997 08:11 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

In response to my statement that I wouldn't trade places with
those who charge for "spiritual services," Bart asks what are
the karmic consequences of accepting money for such.

Of course, I don't know what those consequences are for
individuals.  I do think that Rajneesh, Prophet, the Bakkers,
Hubbard, et al have a price to pay for their avarice, and would
prefer not to find out that price through personal experience.

But the consequences for society are clearly evident.  On one
hand, the whole idea of esoteric wisdom is cheapened and made
suspicious to most people because of the behavior of money-grubbing
"teachers."  On the other hand, the minority that pursues such
things is left having to wade through a morass of
commercially-oriented counterfeits in search of genuine

The problem is that *first* people talk about charging money "to
meet expenses."  But in fact, people *love* money.  (Some
psychological research found that the three most powerful words
in advertising are 1.You 2.Love 3.Money)  So that once their
love of money is activated by finding out that they can receive
it for their "spiritual pursuits," they start being *motivated*
by money and making choices based on what will gain them (or
their organization) the most.  It's a slippery slope.

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