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Re: Money, Fees, Morality

May 25, 1997 10:29 PM
by Titus Roth

An interesting discussion. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts. Let me add
a few of mine about a related but different subject, earning and
honorableness. Disclaimer: These are general remarks. I am not saying anything
about the honorableness of any member in any lodge.

First, I certainly agree with Bart's Axiom number 1

> The key to morality is one's true intentions.

The parable of the Widow's Mite shows that intentions sound much more loudly
than actual dollars. Good intentions behind a modest but honorable offering
can multiply it as the mustard seed. I truly believe an organization will have
adequate funds if they encourage a right spirit.

In my former spiritual home most everything was based on voluntary
donations. The lessons were an exception, but even there the modest fees were
not usually enforced. Many people were responsible and donated what they
could - either money or services. Others were freeloaders. You will probably
always find this mix of people.

(Amusing aside: the freeloaders were also the ones who rushed to the head of
the refreshment tables and loaded their plates high with food.)

Our founder did not exclude the freeloaders but pointed out some spiritual
laws at work. A freeloader will invest so much effort to get something for
free that he could have *earned* it much more easily. A person who makes an
effort to express gratitude and some kind of payment within his means
for instruction will see his money returned by spiritual law. I have actually
experienced this myself and have seen it work for others too. I don't promise
riches, but "water plenty and food enough."

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