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Re: Price tags

May 23, 1997 09:39 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:09 PM 5/23/97 -0400, Bart Lidofsky wrote:
>	In New York, the Quest Bookshop used to be able to support the Lodge,
>but the number of volunteers has gone down, expenses have gone up, and
>we now have cutthroat competition from Barnes & Noble's, which has put
>most of the esoteric bookstores in New York out of business.

  At least in my city, the Barnes & Noble and Book Stop stores are located
very conveniently around the city and especially the latter always discount
every book they carry or they can special order (at no extra cost).
Convenience and cost are two key factors in the success of these stores and
I believe they are here to stay. Recently Barnes & Noble has gone on line
and everyone else has to meet the competition or else go broke. There is no
choice. So if rest of the book stores are unable to come up with a workable
strategy, then may be it is in the Divine Plan that the should go.


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