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New York special case?

May 23, 1997 09:01 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Bart et al,

Maybe New York is an exception to the rule in this as in other
cases.  I doubt that *anything* in Manhattan would conform to
my expectations of what things should cost.  Which is why I've
never been there for more than a day at a time.

Pasadena people are so mum about money that you seem to know
more as a non-member than I do as a member of 17 years.  Had
heard ULT was well-established but don't know any details.
Wheaton/Adyar has a larger budget and does more, which I think
is more relevant than the other groups having more endowment
income.  (Don't think ULT or Pasadena have anything like the
Kern Foundation.)

If people up there are used to paying for public lectures then
maybe it's OK.  Frankly I don't have the cojones to think that
any of the dozens of TS talks I've given in VA, MD, DC, or NC was
*worth* paying to hear, although I hope they were worth hearing
for free.  I'd feel horrible addressing a roomful of people who
had paid to hear me.  The whole idea just gives me the creeps.
Whereas talking for free is something I do all the time anyway.


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