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Price tags

May 23, 1997 06:35 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

I'm slightly shocked that any TS branch charges admission, or
has *all* its meetings closed to the general public.  Matter of
fact, I think I'd boycott Seattle or San Antonio lodges for
those reasons if I lived in those cities, because of these

No program sponsored by the Pasadena TS or any branch thereof
ever charges a fee AFAIK.  Nor do the DC or Maryland branches
of the Adyar TS.  Despite my general comfort level with the
ARE, price tags are the one thing about it that really rubs me
the wrong way.  The conferences are always quite costly, with
nary a free one on the schedule.  Even membership dues are wrong,
in my opinion, but I have to pay them.  Would much prefer to make
a voluntary donation.

The moral problem with costs associated with "spiritual"
programs is hard to define.  I just know how I feel in my bones
about it: the more it costs, the more morally dubious it is (e.g.
Scientology.)  Sure, no program is "free" in the sense that
somebody has to invest some time, energy and money to make it
happen.  But let that cost be borne by those with long
acquaintance with the organization, not by the first time

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