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May 21, 1997 02:41 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

        Jaqtarin writes:
> I can get people to listen
>to me just as long as I don't say, "In theosophical terms...", or
>"Theosophists tend to believe....".

My experience, exactly. Matter of fact, I had a study group going for a
while, and they all joined the Society, but I never said anything about
"Theosophy says ...". We just took up topics that were Theosophical. I once
had a guest who was ULT, and she preched HPB at them, and they resented it.
I tried to give them Theosophy by osmosis, at least in the beginning. I
think it's a real problem. We've got something good to offer, but the moment
we start quoting or preaching we lose the listeners ... at least in the
beginning ... until they understand us better. I never talk much about
Theosophy with the people I live with. They know I'm a Theosophist, but
there's only one who was curious enough to ask what it was. So I tried to
tell her. That's not easy either in 20 words or less.


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