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Re: Welcome back!

May 19, 1997 02:43 AM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

On Sun, 18 May 1997 wrote:

> Now that I'm resending this again, again, again, I'd like to add another
> thing.  Welcome, also, Jaqi!  At first I thought Triaist man signed himself
> as Jaqi in response to Alan's request.  After reading Jaqi's posts, I realize
> that the tone was different.  Jaqi, Triaist man once made a statement
> regarding that he might be fooling us and that he was actually a woman.   Oh,
> well, he still might be.

Jaqi = Triaist man.

> Triaist man(?):
> >Hey folks!  Long time no see.  I'm back.  A different name and a different
> >sex ...but hey, what the hell.  The signature's the same right?:)
> >
> >I look forward to seeing how the conversations have evolved since my
> >departure.  I haven't recieved anything yet...
> >
> >---
> >The Triaist
> Welcome back!  It does take a while for a sex change to take effect. It's
> great to have another woman join the list.:o)  It's good to see that the
> eloquent Keith is back, too.  Now, if Ann will come back, we will have the
> same crew as when I first started.  Kym needs to write in more with her
> precisely deadly pen, too.  No battle of the sexes since you left.  No
> fruitism, either.
> Thoa

No battle of the sexes??!!!  Well, now. Something has to be done about
that...:)  (jk)

I will say that I am not the same person that I was five months ago, but
it is not because I had a sex change... at least not physically.:)  It's
quite possible, however I am not really sure, that I'm at a mental halfway
point between becoming a man, or perhaps a woman....who knows?*smile*  I
kinda like it. There probably won't be anymore "sex dilemmas(sp?)"
instigated by me anymore...however, I'm not promising anything...:)

Oh yes.  And the signatue was changed due to Alan's request.  I figured I
should do that for him after all of the bashing I did before.*giggle*
Hmmm... but I'm not promising that THAT will stop either...*evil grin*

Mischeivous as always...


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