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Re: Thought for Food

May 18, 1997 11:32 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 01:26 PM 5/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>     Information involved in Unfolding Inner Consciousness and all of its
>related areas should indeed be put in more understandable terms than they are
>generally put.   In fact, one of our main tasks is to put forth such
>in terms excluding the mystical references and more technical terms for the lay
>reader, but sometimes that is not totally possible.   Anyone who has read and
>understood the original writings (which are generally from a wide variety of
>perspectives from various schools of thought) should endeavor to present the
>information in understandable terms for those who are trying understand the

  Since words we use cannot adequately describe the real thing, any kind of
explanation can only be partial and incomplete, any one trying to
communicate anything should make this issue very clear. Otherwise we will
get caught in the words and do not go beyond it. Also there is the
possibility of going off in the wrong direction.

  My 2 cents worth.

  YMDMV - Your mileage and direction may vary.


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