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Re: TS/ES/Masonic Org etc. - Ernest Wood

May 17, 1997 03:21 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Hello everybody:

I have just posted an extensive excerpt from Ernest Wood's book "Is This

I think some of the observations of Wood is very relevant to understand some
of the issues concerning TS/ES/Masonic org.

I want to make certain observations in the light of the various discussions
that has taken place on theos-l.

Firstly the question of the dependence on the leaders. Let us keep in mind
the warning issued by K.H. in the famous 1900 letter about Popery. Since
Wood espoused the stand that the membership should be weaned from both the
"cat policy" and "monkey policy". This taken with the comment by Radha
Burnier, our International President that Krishnaji by his questioning
outlook on all spiritual matters has saved the TS, seems to indicate that it
is time to revisit the whole issue and it may well be the salvation and the
future of the TS.

Secondly his observation that he had been practicing a system of meditation
which he found better than the one taught in the ES which he found out after
joining the ES. At the same time, we need to note that even before he joined
the ES, he was in touch with some higher being, probably an Adept which he
did not identify, indicates clearly that Adepts are waiting to help the
individuals who are ready to help them no matter whether you are inside the
TS or outside the TS. It only seems logical that the Adepts will make use of
any one who can help them no matter where they are and what their
affiliation in the physical world are.

Thirdly I would like to point out his comment about his resentment about ES
as forming a cleavage within our brotherhood. Also how when it came to
election to office, selection of speakers how ES played a part and also how
privately a list of "suitable people" were sent at the time of election of
Committee Members of the British Section. The committee members are like the
Directors in the TSA. I have no reason to believe anything has changed world

Fourthly his view how the Masonic organization seemed to him to harm the
brotherhood of the members of TS even though it is pushed subtly. Also his
comments on what he had to do when he joined Masonry is very interesting.


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