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World Wide Mind - The limitations of cyber-brotherhood

May 15, 1997 04:24 PM

The internet seemed at first to offer so much opportunity to for a nucleus of
universal brotherhood to further the theosophical objectives.  We have news
groups, web pages and chat rooms galore.  The options are staggering.

Yet there is definitely no danger of the internet instilling a cult like
mentality.  The personality, the lower vehicles don't have the impact in the
current cyber-space that they would have in groups such as Heaven'sgate, David
Koresh, or the charasmatic appeal of teachers like BLavatsky and Krishnimurti.

It seems that at our level of evolution, we need face to face relationships
for really effective transformation.  Teaching and discussion are not enough.
The ancients knew this and that is why the real teachings were transmitted
orally from Master to chela and not trusted to the eyes of the profane.

Blavatsky felt it necessary through the guidance of her Masters to break some
of the silence and publish the confused and confusing document known as the

There is no doubt on it impact more subtle that open on the current mindset
known as new age etc.

The point is that we are always in the midst of evolution and my personality
and social institutions and groups are far from perfection, but in a process.

I saw THE MAGIC FLUTE by Mozart recently and was aware for the first time of
the Masonic overtones and talk of inititates and the coming of an elite
brotherhood to guide manking based on the ancient teaching from
Egypt/Atlantis.  The hero and clown (Papageno) must go through many trials and
dissapointments and misplaced trust till they are worthy to enter the

I think Mozart like Blavatsky and Shakespeare are the real guiders of humanity
who point to an age of altruism and peace that we see, but through a glass

I think many are working, some guided , some blindly, but all toward the path
that winds ever upwards despite many setbacks.
Keith Price

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