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Re: How vs. Why

May 12, 1997 08:05 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> In message <>, M K Ramadoss
> <> writes
> >7. Generally what I find is that anyone who is service oriented will find TS
> >environment a comfortable one in spite of all the short comings. After all,
> >as the Real Founders wanted to help Humanity and all the rest were secondary.
> There is little doubt that there are subscribers to the list(s) who,
> like myself, DO have first hand knowledge in some (usually specific)
> areas. It seems though that a kind of 'pose' of humility is the
> convention; that it is not the thing to confess to genuine knowledge.
> Yet genuine knowledge requires neither humility nor its lack. Truth, in
> these areas, is self-evident and requires no apology.

    There are more things in the universe that I do not know of and I
agree that there are a lot of us who know somethings first hand.

    When I meant humility, it is not a front that one should put up.
Natural humility need not be cultivated and would be quite obvious to
everyone. The moment you "pose" humility, it is not humility -- it is
just an act to deceive.

> >
> >8. If someone is interested practical instructions in such practical matters
> >as astral projection, astral, mental, etc travel etc. etc. they may have to
> >look elsewhere for instruction.
> Elsewhere than the T.S., yes.  But among its members and outside of its
> membership there are quite a number of people who can offer guidance and
> help if asked.  And there's the catch, maybe.  In my own work I have
> learned some simple rules or guidelines.  Examples:
> 1. Don't answer a question that hasn't been asked.
> 2. Don't answer *more* than has been asked.
> 3. Behave as though an enquirer's stated opinion is absolutely correct,
> even if it is clearly way off course.  From the *student's* viewpoint,
> take one step forward towards a greater truth, and then step back.
> 4. If you don't know the answer to a question, say so.
> Alan

   The only precaution I generally take is to make sure that when I
follow someone, I do not end up in a situation of blind leading blind
and both falling into the ditch -- metaphorically speaking!


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