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Re: festivals

May 14, 1997 04:21 AM
by Jim Meier

Sveinn Freyr wrote,

> "The 3rd Festival" referred to - connected with the full moon of Gemini, -
> and also known as "The World Invocation Day," or "The Christ Festival," is
> every seventh year moved to and celebrated at Christmas; the Greater
> Festival period at the winter solstice. And then, "The World Invocation Day"
> is not connected with the period of full moon. But if it happens to fall
> into the period of full moon, then it will be a greater time of opportunity.
> Sveinn Freyr

What is your source for this?  To the best of my knowledge, the concept of
the three sequential Festivals as the highpoint of the spiritual year
derives from Alice Bailey's work, and I have never seen anything discussing
the possibility of "moving" World Invocation Day.  I don't see how it would
be possible, either, since (again, according to Bailey) the energies
contacted in group formation at the time of Wesak or the Taurus moon are
finally distributed to humanity during the Gemini moon Festival.

There is a winter solstice festival connected with the New Group of World
Servers, another of the Bailey concepts (as differentiated from HPB
Theosophy) -- is this perhaps what you are referring to?


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