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Re: How? versus Why?

May 11, 1997 10:19 PM
by Titus Roth

joyce bays <> wrote:

> Although I am New to Theosophy (not the concept) If I interpret it
> correctly it is meant to guide us to the knowledge not give it to us. To
> aim us in the direction where we will find it. It tells us look here, look
> there, and eventually we find that precious pearl. The one we value the
> most because we found it and worked to obtain it, it wasn't given to us.

We may not be speaking the same language. I certainly agree that giving
an answer to someone is like taking a helicopter to the top of the mountain.
The climb is the thing.

What I was trying to point out is that Theosophy is full of explanations of
things. But it is misleading to think that an explanation alone gets us
anywhere. Jung liked William James's expression "nothing but" to describe that
kind of mentality. "Oh, that phenomenon is nothing but this." Sure, you can
explain that light is nothing but electromagnetic waves or that man has a
seven-fold nature ... etc., etc.  What do you do with this? How is it used?
Certain people will memorize all this and think they have gotten somewhere.

When I say "How" I think I mean approximately what you mean by guiding, so
we are not disagreeing there. But in contrast to the spiritual exercises
or rituals found in many religions, Theosophy looks sparse indeed.

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