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Re: New National President for TS in Iceland.

May 11, 1997 08:19 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:56 AM 5/11/97 -0400, Einar Adalsteinsson & A.S.B. wrote:
>Announcing new National President for TS in Iceland.
>At the Annual General Meeting of the TS in Iceland, held on may 10 1997, Mr.
>Einar Adalsteinsson stepped down as National President (General Secretary)
>after eight years in office, and in his place Mr. Jon Arnalds was elected as
>the National President.
>Besides Mr. Arnalds the new national board consists of four members: Johann
>Sigurbergsson, Karl Sigurdsson, Gisli Jonsson and Einar Adalsteinsson
>Mr. Arnalds was National President for two years in 1987 to '89, and has
>been a board member for more than a decade. He is a former professor at the
>University of Iceland and former Judge at the Reykjavik City Court. He now
>runs a private attorney business of his own.
>Mr. Arnalds has been an active member of the TS in Iceland for many years,
>and has delivered talks and conducted discussion and study groups on a
>regular basis.
>I look forward to working with the new National President in the
>theosophical work ahead and wish him good luck in his new position.
>Einar Adalsteinsson.
>The TS Hompage:

   Our thanks go to Einar for the announcement.

   Here, we should note that Einar is the *only* National President in the
world who is on theos-xxxx lists and frequently has participated in various
discussions and we should all recognise this and thank him as well. I would
be looking forward to his valuable feedbacks and discussion in the future.

   My best wishes go to Arnalds for a successful term of office in his great
responsibility. One thing that I note regarding Arnalds is that he is a a
practicing attorney. There is a parallel here in that H S Olcott and W Q
Judge were also practicing attornies. Based on my observation, attorneys
have spearheaded most of the major social, political and spiritual advances
helping the Humanity and I am very confident that we may expect great things
from Arnalds in helping Theosophy in Iceland make great strides.


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