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Re: "And again he said it not"

May 08, 1997 10:57 PM
by kymsmith

Doss quoted:

>>"And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go
>>    through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter
>>    into the kingdom of God."

Alan responded:

>Scholarly bit: This putative saying of Jesus is almost certainly the
>result of misinterpretation of Jesus' own language, Aramaic/Hebrew.  The
>Aramaic word GMLA (Heb. GML) can mean (a) Camel (b) Rope.  Aramaic
>speakers even today put this phrase in context and read "rope," not

That's hysterical!  For decades, via Catholic school, I've been taught the
"camel" version.

Forget that the camel version makes little, if any, sense. . .if it's in the
Bible, it must be so. If one doesn't understand - that's because it's
esoteric - it's just too deep for us 'masses'. . .

Why, I thought since it's REALLY HARD for a camel to squish through a
needle, a rich man might as well plan on going straight to Satan Land. .
.but now to know that Pat Robertson and other great men of wealth may just
have a chance to shimmy with me in heaven warms me in a way I cannot
describe. . .

I bet THEY knew, too!  Those interpreters of the Bible - they were just
testing us.  They're so full of frolic and jolliness.  I bet ole' King
James, upon discovering the typo, exclaimed "Nay, tarry, leave this as is!
Let a smile come upon their face. Fear not, they'll never be daft enough to
believe it. . ."

Thus Spoke Prozac.

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