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White Lotus Day

May 08, 1997 09:24 AM
by M K Ramadoss

*                                             *
*    White Lotus Day - May 8                  *
*                                             *

May 8 is celebrated all over the world in memory of passing of HP Blavatsky.
Let us remember this day the enormous sacrifices made by her to bring modern
Theosophy to the masses. Very few today know how she was poor and penniless
when she landed in New York where she was a stranger and had to fend for
herself. Today we have lodges and study centers and members all over the
world, even in far of remote places where a Theosophist can always find
himself or herself not a stranger in a strange town. This is because of
HPB's labors from a practical standpoint. Of course this is in addition to
the occult truth she tried to present to the modern world.

With this background, let each one of us in our own small way try to put
some of what we have learnt, into action so that we can make the world a
better place to live. I am sure, whereever she is today -- may even be
reading the theos-l maillist -- she would surely approve of such an action
on the part of each one of us. After all she sacrificed her entire life to
help the suffering humanity to see the light.


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