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Re: Spiritual groups

May 06, 1997 08:48 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:48 AM 5/6/97 -0400, joyce bays wrote:
>People will always want to share their spiritual lives in groups. Even
>>Nietzsche's Zarathustra could not glory in his own singular achievement,
>>but had to go down from the mountain:
>I have read that it is natural for seekers of the Knowledge to feel lonely
>and alienated from the world and we should expect it. Until I found such a
>group as the TS I thought I was alone. Mass is such an orthodox place to
>live. The shadow of the puritans continue to hang over us.  How dearly I
>would love to have a TS lodge or center here on Cape Cod. I do have
>reservations for a workshop at Pumpkin Hollow this summer. Will certainly
>enjoy the fellowship.


People with similar interests tend to gravitate to others each other. Unless
there is something in common between two people, there is nothing to
establish or continue relationships. So no matter how each one of us
progress in our own track, the tendency to form a group, however it may be
structured is the way things are going to take place. Again it is from this
point of view that I find that the present trend in at-large membership not
very productive in the long run.

As for a lodge in your area, call the TSA at 1-800-669-1571 and they can
give you information. Sometimes you will find a stonewall because of the way
the secrecy regarding membership information is handled. So don't be
surprised. But if you do not find a lodge, a study center can be formed by
just three members. You should look into it as well.

Glad that you are going to Pumpkin Hollow. Based on my multi-decade
experience in the USA and India, in many lodges you will find a very
orthodox presentation of Theosophy. It is up to the individual to Think for
oneself and that is the only way to really understand theosophy rather than
repeat what is second hand information, however true and sacred it may be.

Just my thoughts. Your mileage and direction may vary.


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